Vermont Mapping

& Survey Co., LLC


Vermont Mapping & Survey Co., LLC offers a full variety of Land Surveying services, including:

- Boundary Surveys

   We provide Boundary Surveys for large and small parcels of land.  These surveys include all missing

​   property corners set, lines marked, and a recordable Mylar along with two paper copies of the survey.

- ALTA / NSPS Surveys

  ALTA / NSPS Surveys are surveys that need to meet a higher standard due to the cost of lands and 

   the requirements of lenders and insurance companies.  We have provided clients with many of these

   highers standard surveys.

- Retracement Surveys

  Some clients already have an existing survey and simply want a line re-marked or a missing corner

   re-set.  As long as there is enough remaining evidence from the original survey, we can conduct

   a Retracement Survey.

-Lot Line Adjustments

  If you and your neighbor would like to agree on a new common boundary line that does not exceed a certain percentage of land change as per the state and the town your

  land is in, then you may need a lot line adjustment, as opposed to a subdivision.


  Subdivision rules and regulations differ from town to town in the state of Vermont.  We have surveyed throughout the state and are familiar with learning and complying with

  the rules of various towns and governing bodies.

-GPS / State Plane Coordinates
  We are equipped with Survey Grade GPS/GNSS systems which can allows us to tie any parcel into the
  Vermont State Coordinate system.  Some people like this because it allows them to put the coordinates into their handheld devices so they can find their property corners       easier, it also   enables others to use the coordinates to relate other projects and aids in construction and development.

-Topographic Surveys / Site Plans

  Topographic Surveys show the contours and elevations of land and structures.  These are used for planning and designing and recreational purposes.  We provide detailed

  Site plans and Topographic Surveys to out customers.

​-Construction Surveys / Staking

 Construction Surveys generally come after the Design phase is completed after the Topographic Survey / Site Plan.  The plans are modified to show the new features of the 

  property that are to be constructed.  We use these to produce coordinates to stakeout all new features so the contractors can build and construct the new developments.

-​Baseline Surveys / Control

  Baseline Surveys / Control are Traverse Lines and points that are placed outside of the projected construction limits to ensure staking and surveys can be conducted during

  and after construction phases.

-Research / Right-Of-Way

  Preliminary studies and Right-Of-Way projects need to be approached with know-how.  Our team has many Right-Of-Way projects under out belts and thousands and 

  thousands of hours researching projects.

-Elevation Certificates

  If your home is located near or in a Flood Plane, as designated by a FEMA map, then you may be in need of an Elevation Certificate for insurance purposes.  Insurance 

  companies use these to determine your rate of insurance as depending on how far inside the Flood Plane your property is located.

-LOMAs (Letters Of Map Amendment)

 Letters Of Map Amendments are based on the fact that FEMA derived it's projected Flood Planes from gross geospatial and GIS data.  Not all properties of the United States

  have been surveyed and there is no real telling if all properties depicted on the FEMA Flood Plane Maps are in or out of the Flood Planes until they are physically surveyed. 

  If you question whether or not your property is really in or out of the Flood Plane, you may want to apply for a LOMA.