Vermont Mapping & Survey Co., LLC offers Mapping Services throughout New York and New England.

We serve all of the United States for GIS Mapping Services where practical.   

-Topographic Mapping

 We can produce Topographic Maps of any caliber.  Depending on your needs, you may only desire a GIS composed Topographical map with 10 or 20 foot contours, or you

  may need more accurate one foot contour mapping derived from survey grade equipment.  Maps can be custom made to your liking and can also be in full color.

-GIS Mapping

  GIS Mapping is a form of Mapping using Global Information Systems to compose a map of any certain area.  We can use Government and private issued (as allowed and 

  permitted) information to compose full color maps or black and grey maps to your specifications.  These are generally used only for informational purposes.

-Trail Mapping

  We can map your trail systems to any degree of accuracy you desire.  We generally use our survey grade GPS/GNSS systems and Survey Total Stations to create the most

  accurate maps we can.  The final product can be full color fold-up maps, large wall maps, or any other type you prefer.  

-Custom Mapping

 The term "Mapping" can be used to describe a large variety of different maps or surveys.  Please feel free to contact us with your project for a free quote.

-Commercial Mapping

  We produce several commercial maps and would be happy to produce one for you.  Whether be a road map or just something fun, contact us for a free quote.

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